Q2 Transfer Board

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Safe Working Load 285kg

The UK leading  universal seated transfer board, the Q2 is designed to assist in the seated transfer of a patient between two surfaces, including transfers from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to chair, wheelchair to toilet.

The board has a operational safe working load of 285kg to meet the needs of most transfer situations and greatly reducing the patient handling risks for healthcare staff.


  • Unique Shape - Facilitates face to face transfers in confined areas
  • Operational SWL - 285kg - Safe Working Load accommodates 99.99% of the population*
  • Lightweight - Only 1.6kg
  • Multiple cleaning options - Covers a wide spectrum of the industry’s recognised cleaning methods
  • Two ergonomically designed handles - Easy to transport, manoeuvre and store
  • Tapered Entry & Exit Points - Allows easy board placement avoiding patient discomfort
  • Inset Anti-Slip Pads - Inhibits pad detachment affording maximum grip on the two transfer surfaces
  • 75cm L x 33.8cm W
  • Maximum thickness: 1.2cm
  • Minimum thickness at tapered edges: 0.6cm
  • Weight: 1.6kg

*The Q2 Transfer Board is designed to facilitate the transfer of patients, of diverse weights, from one seated position to another and its SWL of 285Kg has been determined using standard anthropometry population data.

For lighter patients, our SallyBoard CURVED is also available with a SWL of 130-180kg.

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