Grass Ji-Qianlie Kidney Treasure (60 capsules)

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Improve prostate health
  1. Improve physical fitness, vigorous and powerful
  2. Improve energy and improve fatigue
  3. Long-lasting vitality and strong heart
  4. Improve sleep, reduce waking up

Suitable for people
  1. Pay attention to frontline health
  2. Frail middle-aged and older men
  3. Prostate function decline
  4. easy to wake up at night
  5. Lack of energy, easily fatigued

60 capsules per box, 500ml per capsule

place of production

main ingredient
  1. saw palmetto
  2. Pumpkin Seed Extract
  3. dogwood
  4. Lycopene
  5. Ganoderma lucidum
  6. Cordyceps
  7. Danshen
  8. Epimedium
  9. gelatin

  1. 2 times a day, 1 capsule each time (recommended to take before breakfast and lunch)
  2. Deficiency, 2 times a day, 3 capsules each time
  3. When needed, take 2 capsules 1 hour before exercise
This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claims made for this product have not been reviewed for the purposes of such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

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