Jiayi - Japan Yohome universal self-rotating oil-free household air frying oven|Multifunctional oven|Air fryer|Fermentation|Dried fruits|Barbecue KZD12-170

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Every time you eat fried food🍤 you will feel guilty😈 You have to eat fried food, but you have to eat healthy!

Just need a little oil 🤏

You can fry them until they are golden, crispy and delicious😋😋

The first choice and must-buy multifunctional‼ ️The choice of trendy home appliances👉Japanese Yohome universal rotating oil-free household air frying oven

There are elderly and children in the house👍🏼Convenient and easy to use

  • The air fryer and oven are two-in-one, with hot air circulation technology, heating evenly and no need to turn the food over;
  • Twelve preset menu functions: French fries, chicken wings, chicken legs, sweet potatoes, shrimp, fish, steak, pizza, grilled chicken, dessert, dried fruit, defrost
  • Oil-free grilling and frying technology, healthier than traditional frying
  • 60 minutes timer, automatic shutdown
  • High-end touch screen
  • The deluxe version includes accessories: baking pan, non-stick plate, heat-proof gloves, pick-up tongs, rotating baking fork, rotating frying cage

【Product parameters】

  • Packing list: baking sheet, non-stick plate, heat-proof gloves, pick-up tongs, rotating baking fork, rotating frying cage​
  • Main material: PP
  • Power: 1550W~1850W
  • Rated voltage: 220V~240V
  • Product weight: 7.38KG
  • Power cord length: 1140mm

  • Breakthrough in traditional electric oven heating, hot air circulation technology, even heating, no need to turn food over
  • One machine with multiple functions, including air frying, rotisserie, meat jerky, baking and thawing, to meet various needs
  • 1700W high power, high temperature oil-free air frying, forcing out excess fat, making it delicious and healthier
  • 9-inch high-definition large viewing window, double-glazed window, safe and anti-fog, clearly observe the food change process
  • 12L super large capacity, automatic rotating stand, can roast whole chicken
  • Accurate timing, free adjustment every minute, no need to measure temperature, 5℃ adjustment
  • The electronic touch screen is easy to operate, and you can enjoy delicious food with just one touch.
  • Stylish design, good-looking appearance
  • Multifunctional accessories to unlock more delicious food

【Cleaning and Maintenance】
  • Please perform cleaning work when the oven is cool to prevent burns.
  • Please clean it in time after use to avoid damage to the coating caused by food residue and oil.
  • Do not use highly corrosive cleaning agents to prevent damage to the machine and your health.
  • Please choose a soft, clean cloth to wipe the oven. Please do not use an overly wet cloth to clean the oven to prevent water from entering the inside of the oven, which may easily cause short circuit, fire, etc.
  • Please do not use other cleaning equipment such as a dishwasher to clean the oven, otherwise it may cause damage and affect its use.
  • Please use neutral detergent or water to clean the oven.
  • Please do not use hard or sharp objects (such as steel balls, blades, etc.) to clean the oven to prevent scratches.

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