Baseus - Baseus Zinc Magnetic Series 3-in-1 Fast Charging Retractable Data Cable | Magnetic Charging Cable | Charging Transmission Cable | PD Fast Charging Cable

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color: blue
$178 $188


  • Quick charging magnetic retractable cable
  • Full storage, really anti-lost
  • Hand-touch oil spraying process, stronger texture
  • 3 times faster, play non-stop
  • Equipped with three types of magnetic connectors
  • It comes out as soon as you inhale and recharges as soon as you touch it.
  • No need to plug or unplug, disconnect power with one hand
  • One-way stretch, one pull to lengthen
  • Mechanical turbine, durable and non-stuck
  • Flexible flat wire, no fear of wire breakage
  • The buckles are deepened and fit perfectly.
  • Charging and transmitting at the same time, quick map navigation

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