Booster Mattea Mini Massage Gun

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Color: cherry blossom powder
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Booster has launched a new mini massage gun Mattea, which uses a plastic body to reduce weight and is lighter than previous mini guns. There is absolutely no problem even if you put it in your handbag, say goodbye to the bulky design!
Equipped with three different massage heads and a dark portable storage bag, it can be used anytime, anywhere.
Inheriting the design and function of the past, it is easy to use. It is equipped with 4 kinds of strength, and the strength is strengthened according to the pressure. More powerful than other small massage guns, it can effectively heal sore muscles.

  • The whole design is only 320G, and the length is only 13.5cm, so it can be put into a small handbag without any problem.
  • The use of frosted materials makes the hand feel higher and more noble.
  • Although the mahjong is small, it has all the five elements, and all four strengths have AI functions, which can accelerate according to your pressing pressure and deeply massage your muscles.
  • 6mm physical stroke, 4 variable speeds, up to 2800rpm
  • The floating motor suspension and double bearing transmission structure make it quieter in use.
  • Type-c charging interface, no difficulty in battery life at any time.
  • 3 kinds of pink designs, suitable for you who have a taste of life, bid farewell to the dull metal design of the past.

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