Herbs - Sea Cucumber Balls (60 Capsules)

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This product may help stabilize blood pressure*
Anti-vasoconstriction, anti-explosion
Stabilize vascular index at healthy level
High-quality sleep and anti-fatigue
Beauty and anti-aging

Suitable for people
This product is suitable for those concerned about blood pressure*
long-term diner
grumpy person

60 capsules per box

main ingredient
100% natural South African black sea cucumber extract

Dosage (recommended to take after meal)
General health care: 1 time a day, 2 capsules each time

Strong health care: 2 times a day, 2 capsules each time

Hypertension in Hong Kong
According to the 2014/15 Population Health Survey conducted by the Department of Health, the prevalence of high blood pressure among people aged 15 to 84 in Hong Kong is 27.7%, and one out of every four people in Hong Kong suffers from high blood pressure#

Stealth Killer – High Risk Factors
More than 90% of high blood pressure cases cannot determine the cause , and other high-risk diseases occur without obvious symptoms , and blood vessels burst at any time at any time, killing you by surprise.

#Hong Kong Department of Health Center for Health Protection, 2014/15 Population Health Survey

Sea Cucumber Balls
Hong Kong local university scientific research sea cucumber saponin extraction

100% pure natural wild sea cucumber, so that busy you can easily absorb sea cucumber saponins and trace elements, the International Journal of Molecular Science 2015 research pointed out that angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibits the protein hydrolyzate of Actinopyga lecanora (sea cucumber) and anti-blast vessels. Sea cucumber can inhibit ACE activity and at the same time reduce blood viscosity, accelerate blood flow, and anti-explosion blood vessels. In addition, it can enhance immunity, stay away from chronic diseases, and improve sleep.

Precious Extracted Sea Cucumber Mucopolysaccharides with Comprehensive and Diversified Effects
Sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide has various pharmacological activities, which can significantly reduce the amount of lipofuscin in heart tissue and skin hydroxyproline, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of various complications such as vascular lesions. Sea cucumber mucopolysaccharides have powerful repair and regeneration functions, repair damaged cells, and strengthen blood vessels. It can effectively supplement the multivitamins that cannot be obtained in the diet.

Sea Cucumber Balls

Active ingredients: 2 sea cucumber pills = 1 whole Liao cucumber

100% Natural South African Black Sea Cucumber

400MG sea cucumber concentrate   True Whole Sea Cucumber Extract

Sea cucumbers contain saponin essence, mucopolysaccharides, polypeptide collagen, 18 kinds of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, etc., which have obvious anti-high-risk diseases. Grass Ji Sea Cucumber Pills grind sea cucumbers into powder and put them into capsules, 400mg of ingredients, 100% concentrated extraction of raw South African black sea cucumbers, the real sea cucumber essence.

Sea Ginseng "Sea Cucumber Ball"

Sea Cucumber Balls

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