iLife - W450 2-in-1 vacuum and floor cleaning robot | Robot vacuum cleaner | Sweeping robot

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W450 floor scrubber robot

  • PanoView Camera Navigation System​
  • Separate clean/dirty water tanks
  • 2-in-1 roller brush
  • Application control

Cleaning system
- New cleaning system thoroughly cleans tough stains while protecting floors

- 9 sets of OBS detectors in front of the W450 robot can detect positioning obstacles and prevent collisions with each other

- 3 sets of detectors can prevent the robot from falling from high places

Clean sewage separation
- Distinguish between clean water and sewage, with independent inlet and outlet to ensure that only clean water is used to wash the floor, greatly improving cleaning efficiency

Intelligent voice prompts
- 16 kinds of voice prompts, real-time voice broadcast of working status and fault reminders, so you can know the cleaning status of the robot at any time

Application control
- Use the ILIFEHOME app to adjust water output, travel speed, search robot and roller brush speed to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Suitable for hard floors
- Suitable for hard floors such as tile, marble, hardwood or laminate. (Note: Do not place the robot on a black floor or the carpet thickness cannot exceed 12mm)

3 cleaning modes
- 3 cleaning modes: path mode, area mode, fixed point mode, systematically navigate the room to ensure everything is clean and avoid duplicate areas

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