S'OCCUPER - Organic Calendula Shampoo (600ml)

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S'OCCUPER Organic Calendula Shampoo (600ml)

・Strengthen hair luster

・Gentle and clean

・Relieves scars and itches

・Reduce scalp oil secretion

・No coloring and fragrance

・Made in Hong Kong

【Efficacy of Calendula】

Calendula, also known as calendula, is a plant of the genus Calendula in the family Asteraceae (scientific name: Calendula officinalis). Calendula is a dwarf plant with dense flowers, bright colors and long flowering period. It is the most common herbaceous flower in the city. The orange-yellow flower is like the marigold of the sun, also known as periwinkle, native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean coast.

There are a lot of records of the curative effect of calendula in ancient and modern China and abroad. The ancient Egyptians believed that calendula can delay aging, and the Indians respected it as a sacred flower. In the Middle Ages, it was widely used by Europeans to treat skin diseases and wounds, and to fight against the plague and the Black Death. Calendula is also widely used in skin care products. Calendula petals contain a substance called malic acid. This substance contains natural emollient ingredients, which can easily dissolve the glue between dead cells, thereby removing wrinkles and yellow spots, and making the skin white, shiny and elastic. The natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of calendula can effectively soothe sensitive, eczema and acne skin. In addition to being soaked in water for drinking, calendula can also be made into calendula water, which can be sprayed or applied directly to the affected area.

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