McNett Sea Gold Anti Fog Gel Mask Anti-Fogger 1.25 oz | 35 g 潛水防霧啫喱 \ D023

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SEA GOLD special mirror fogging agent
Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel is "Rodale diving magazine" as the best anti-fog products, is your best choice for anti-fog product. Unique cleaning formula means more lasting anti-fog protection. Sea Gold highly concentrated formula, using a faster, easier, suitable for outdoor. Sea Gold for all glass and plastic lenses are applicable. Silicone rubber will not harm or support frame around it. Not recommended for swim goggles.

Stronger and more lasting formula
Silicone is not left clean
Highly concentrated - providing up to 600 times Use
No abrasive - all glass and plastic lenses for safety
Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-alcoholic
Capacity: 37ml

Anti-fog gel effectively prevent fogging mirror diving; diving is your indispensable travel companion.

How to use:

The anti-fogging agent before diving on the diving mask evenly to the inside of the glass, and then immediately rinse with fresh water again let Gel can be used after uniform.

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