Aquagel Jelly (Sterile) 潤滑啫喱 (消毒)

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Capacity: 5g / 82g

  • Clear
  • Sterile
  • Water-soluble
  • Non-greasy
  • Compatible with Natural & Synthetic substances
  • A sterile, Universal lubricant recommended for use in gynaecological, digital and instrument examinations and general hospital procedures.
  • Aquagel will not damage human tissue, instruments, rubber or metal. 
  • Spreads easily and adheres well

獨立包裝 (5g) / 原支裝 (82g) 

  • 消毒裝
  • 明確
  • 水溶性
  • 不油膩
  • 兼容天然和合成物質
  • 推薦用於婦科,數字和儀器檢查以及一般醫院手術的無菌的通用潤滑劑,減少病人的痛苦
  • 不損人體組織,儀器,橡膠或金屬

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