DuoDERM® CGF Dressing 密封式水凝膠敷料 (厚身豬油膏)

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Size: 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4")

Packing: 1Box (5 Pieces)

  • DuoDERM® CGF™ Dressing is an adherent dressing indicated for the management of exuding wounds.
  • It is beneficial for patient health that trained healthcare professionals use DuoDERM® CGF™ Dressings at the right point in time during the healing of a wound.
  • It promotes granulation and facilitates autolytic debridement.
  • Autolytic debridement removes necrotic tissue as quickly as enzymatic debridement.
  • Evidence-based action plans for hydrating dry wounds include creation of a moist wound environment to prevent wound drying and to allow autolytic debridement to occur.
  • DuoDERM® Dressings can be worn for up to seven days.

尺寸: 10厘米 x 10厘米 (4" x 4")

包裝: 1盒 (5 片)

  • 適用於非感染傷口,滲液量少至中度
  • 為傷口提供濕潤癒合環境,加快傷口癒合,避免傷口結痂,外層防水
  • 減少由摩擦引起的進一步皮膚破裂的風險
  • 它可用於皮膚撕裂和表面傷口,乾燥以輕微滲出傷口,新形成的組織或皮膚有進一步破壞的危險
  • 促進造粒,促進自溶清創清除壞死組織
  • DuoDERM®敷料可以穿戴長達七天

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