Molicare 成人紙尿褲 (14片裝) Molicare Mobile (14pcs)

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尺寸 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 細碼


包裝: 1包 / 1箱 (4包)
  • 表層由透氣無紡物料組成
  • 超級乾爽表層,質地柔軟
  • 穿著方便簡易,更換活動褲時,只需從側撕開
  • 褲形設計,緊貼身形,不易被察覺
  • 吸濕量: 細碼-600cc / 中碼-1200cc / 大碼-1800cc 


Packing: 1 Pack / 1 Box (4 packs)
  • Innovative three-layer core for quick acquisition speed and to disperse fluid away from the skin
  • Super absorbent polymer to bind and neutralize acidic and alkaline fluids
  • Soft topsheet, flexible trim-fit core and cloth-like waterproof outer barrier
  • Stretch side panels with tear-open side seams
  • Soft, fluid-repellent inner leg cuffs and multi-strand elastic leg gathers
  • Customized waistband for size and front identification
  • Absorption capacity : S size-600cc / M size-1200cc / L size-1800cc              

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