Aidapt 豪華輕型自推進式鋁合金輪椅 Deluxe Lightweight Self Propelled Aluminium Wheelchair (銀色sliver)

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Aidapt豪華輕型自推進式鋁合金輪椅是自力更生人士的理想選擇。 功能包括豪華軟墊內飾,半折疊靠背,翻轉扶手,高度可調較,可拆卸腳踏和鋁製剎車器。 為了配合安全功能,後輪胎的輪輻上包含反光鏡。 它以高質量的油漆塗飾完成,賦予它非常現代化和誘人的外觀,並延長了壽命。 


  • 鋁合金可摺合式支架,堅固耐用
  • 簡易折疊椅背,掌控式快拆後輪, 方便運輸或旅行之用
  • 豪華座椅, 容易清潔; 更備有多軸式座椅高度調校
  • 活動式腳踏及扶手, 摺合後方便用者上落輪椅
  • 腳踏板可自由調較高度,適合不同身高人士
  • 大型舒適手柄, 靈活推動, 方便輕鬆
  • 閘式剎車有效剎車系統
  • 附設安全帶

  • 座位: 460毫米 (寬) x 400毫米 (深)
  • 座高: 510毫米
  • 後輪: 600毫米
  • 小輪: 200毫米
  • 產品尺寸: 960毫米 (高) x 630毫米 (寬) x 1080毫米 (深)
  • 寬度(折疊): 280毫米
  • 可承受 115 公斤
  • 重量 14 公斤
The Deluxe Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair is ideal for the active, independent user. Features include palm activated, quick-release solid puncture proof rear wheels, luxury padded upholstery, half folding backrest, flip back armrests, height adjustable, detachable leg rests and aluminium brakes. Reflectors are included on the spokes of the rear tyres as a safety feature. It is finished in a high quality paint finish that gives it an extremely modern and attractive look and improves the lifetime use. 




    • Half folding backrest with seat belt
    • Flip back armrests
    • Detachable swing away legs rests with height adjustment
    • Multiple axel adjustment for seat height
    • Large comfortable push handles
    • Adjustable aluminium brakes
    • Dismantles easily for transporting in the car
    • Palm activated, quick-release rear wheels

    Product Specification

    • Product Dimensions: 960mm (H) x 630mm (W) x 1080mm (D)
    • Width (Folded): 280mm
    • Seat Size: 460mm (W) x 400mm (D)
    • Seat Height: 510mm
    • Rear Caster: 600mm
    • Front Caster: 200mm
    • Capacity: 115kg
    • Weight: 14kg

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