Ezy Dose 7日藥丸盒 (每日2次) AM/PM 7-day Travel Pill Reminder

批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 需確認貨期 - 訂購請聯絡熱線:📞84814841


  • EASY TO CARRY - Pop out just one day's pills to carry with you
  • EASY USE - Push buttons and rounded bottoms make the planner easy to open and medication easy to retrieve
  • AM/PM COMPARTMENTS- Day and night compartments help you to easily plan and distribute your daily doses
  • CLEAR LIDS - The planner's clear lids allow for easy visibility of medication to help prevent missed doses
  • LARGE COMPARTMENTS - The planner can fit 30 aspirin and has plenty of space for all of your daily medication
  • Product Recommended by The Arthritis Foundation
  • 輕鬆攜帶 - 可選擇彈出一天的藥丸盒隨身攜帶
  • 易於使用 - 按鈕和圓形底部使藥丸盒易於打開,藥物易於檢索 
  • 晝夜隔間可幫助您輕鬆規劃和分配您的劑量
  • 可以方便地查看藥物,以防止漏藥
  • 有足夠的空間,用於您所有的日常用途

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