Ferris PolyWic Wound Filler 多功能填充敷料

批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 需確認貨期 - 訂購請聯絡熱線:📞84814841


包裝: 1片 / 1盒 (10片)

尺寸: 8厘米 x 8厘米

  • 一般3-5天更換一次 視乎滲液量
  • 用於凹陷傷口
  • 具有自動清潔功能,無須以人手清洗傷口
  • 內含甘油成份,更換時不會黏傷口
  • 有效去除壞死組織
  • 形成收復因子及細胞更生
  • 獨具鎮痛、消腫及去瘀功能
  • 減低肉芽過度生長、有效阻隔細菌入侵
  • 吸收滲液同時鎖水,滋潤傷口,加速癒合
  • 適合: 壓瘡, 燒傷, 手術傷口, 急性創傷, 糖尿病所引致的潰瘍, 靜脈曲張所引致的潰瘍, 足部潰瘍, 皮膚損傷
  • 用於滲液較少或沒有滲液排放的傷口時,應先用少許生理鹽水濕潤敷料用以激活敷料成份
  • 因應傷口大小,可剪裁使用。如有需要,可用醫生膠布或防水透氣膠布封邊或覆蓋


Packing: 1 pc / 1 Box (10 pcs)

Size: 8cm x 8cm

  • Placed into open wounds to eliminate dead space, absorb exudate, and help establish and maintain the appropriate moisture balance of exposed tissues
  • Provide fast wicking, gently expand (about 1/3) to fill space, and help create an optimal healing environment
  • The filler minimizes the need to disturb the wound bed
  • It allows extended time between dressing changes and provides easier changes
  • A patented hydrophilic polyurethane membrane matrix, which contains a mild nonionic nontoxic tissue friendly cleansing agent, a moisturizer (glycerol), and an absorbing agent (superabsorbent starch polymer)
  • Both the wound natural growth factors and nutrients, to the wound site
  • Fewer and faster changes save time and money


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