Flaem 手動式鼻腔沖洗器 Rhino Clear Ergo Plus

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Rhino Clear® Ergo Plus 是一種快速有效的清潔上呼吸道的系統。與壓縮式霧化器配合使用,它可以去除積聚在鼻旁竇內的分泌物、灰塵和有害物質,並將它們收集在一個特殊的腔室中。可與鹽水溶液(等滲、高滲、脂質體溶液等)、熱水或藥房常見的藥物一起使用。

  • 與整個系列的 Flaem 壓縮機霧化器系統兼容
  • 啟動/停止霧化的軟控制
  • 臨床測試
  • 意大利品牌
  • 適用於小朋友和成人

Main Features

Rhino Clear® Ergo Plus is a fast and effective system to clean the upper respiratory tract. Paired with a compressor nebulizer, it removes secretions, dust and harmful substances that have accumulated inside the paranasal sinuses and collects them in a special chamber. Can be used with saline solutions (isotonic, hypertonic, liposome solutions, etc.), thermal waters or medications commonly available in pharmacies.

  • Compatible with the entire range of Flaem compressor nebulizer systems
  • Soft control to start/stop nebulization
  • Clinically tested
  • Italy Brand 

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