Livingstone 珍寶酒精棉紙 Treasure Alcohol Tissue Paper




·         適合醫療用途、辦公室、家中

·         擦拭後有效地殺菌及抗菌

·         無紡布加入70%酒精成份,不含其他化學物料,可安心使用

·         可在不銹鋼、堅硬表面、檯面、手推車、門把手、辦公電話、書桌、扶手、床欄等使用

·         擦拭後留下清新香味

·         使用時不會過敏,不傷皮膚

·         含70%酒精

·         尺寸: 42x14.5厘米

·         75片/筒

    產地: 中國



Multi-purpose disinfection alcohol paper

· Suitable for medical use, office, home

· Effectively sterilize and antibacterial after wiping

· The non-woven fabric is added with 70% alcohol and does not contain other chemical materials, so it can be used at ease

· Can be used on stainless steel, hard surfaces, countertops, trolleys, door handles, office phones, desks, handrails, bed rails, etc.

· Leaves a fresh fragrance after wiping

· It will not be allergic when used and will not hurt the skin

· 70% alcohol

· Size: 42x14.5 cm

· 75 tablets/tube

    made in China

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