MAXELL 離子風抗菌消臭機 Ionized Wind Deodorizer



Maxell MXAP-APL250 MRD 技術離子風抗菌消臭機採用日本專利技術, 能够產生3倍量的電離子, 强力分解细菌, 病毒和異味,來自衣服,鞋或任何其他地方的難聞氣味都能消除, 為您提供乾净清新, 舒適自在既生活空間.

MRD – 多重環放電, 日本Air Success 專利. 其放電產生的電離子是强力的殺菌除臭方案。然而, 傳統離子產生器所產生的電離子數量不足而且覆蓋空間少.

與傳统離子器相比, Maxell 採用日本Air Success 的MRD傳利技術, 能產生高逹3倍量的電離子同時形成離子風带動氣流,無風扇設計能提高净化效果, 解决傳统方法的低效問題.

Maxell MXAP-APL250 離子風抗菌消臭機

  • 日本製造 Made in Japan
  • 採用日本專利技術, 能够產生3倍的電離子
  • 高效率地除臭和消毒, 小型輕巧
  • 無内置摩打或風扇設計, 提供寧静舒適的環境
  • 無濾網或濾芯設計, 環保及大大節省更換時間和成本
  • 廣泛應用範圍, 例如客廳, 飯廳, 睡房, 辦公室, 厨房, 小朋友游戲室及寵物空間等.
  • 兩種模式選擇以配合不同的空間大小 -  一般模式/ 低運行模式
  • 3種定時功能: 連繼運行 / 4小時 /8小時運行
  • 電源输入: DC5V/0.5A, 低功耗設計
  • 配件: USB綫, 專用AC火牛
  • 使用温度範圍: 0 - 40℃
  • 建議使用範圍: 一般模式: 10~26㎡ (108-280尺) / 低運行模式: 5~13㎡ (54-140尺)
  • 坐枱型 ( 尺寸: 125 x 165 x 195mm )
  • 低耗電設計, 為用家節省電力
  • 香港行貨,一年保修

Maxell MXAP-APL250 Ionized Wind Deodorizer adopted latest patented Japan technology, capable to generate 3 times more amount of ions, decompose bacteria, viruses, and odor with its strong oxidizing power, any nasty odor come from clothes, shoes or any other places will be wiped out by Maxell MXAP-APL250 Ionized wind deodorizer, giving you clean, fresh and comfortable living space!

Japan latest patented Technology – MRD (Multiple Ring Discharge)

Ions is always a powerful helper on disinfection and deodorization, however conventional corona-discharge method of generation of ions does not capable to provide enough purification power due to limited quantity of ions and small coverage space.

To solve such difficulty, maxell adopted the latest patented Japan technology MRD, which realize 3 times ions generation, drive airflow to enhance the purification effect without fan, so to solve the inefficiency issue brought by the traditional dischage method.”


  • Using latest MRD(Multiplex Ring Discharge) patented Japan technology, generate 3 times more amount of ions
  • High efficiency on deodorization and disinfection
  • Compact size and light
  • Fanless design providing quiet environment
  • Filterless design, Eco-friendly and cost saving
  • Wide application areas such as kitchen, office, living room or odour from pets, etc.
  • Normal/Low mode for various room size
  • 4 hrs/8 hrs Timer mode
  • Power supply by DC5V USB (with adaptor), low power consumption
  • Wide temperature working range 0 – 40℃
  • Coverage Area:High mode : 10~26㎡,Low mode : 5~13㎡

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