Heal Force Fingertip Pulse Oximeter指式脈搏血氧儀 ((彩色顯示屏))



Pulse oximeter can be detected by the human finger pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate. This product is suitable for hospitals, home, oxygen bar, community health, health care, high altitude and range of motion. 

  • Intelligence: Low voltage alarm display, intelligent power-saving mode when no signal about 8 seconds automatically shut down; 
  • All parameters: to monitor blood oxygen saturation, pulse parameters, and pulse pulse pattern display;
  • Convenience: one button operation, automatic measurement, light weight, small size, easy to carry; 
  • Low power consumption: two AAA (AAA) battery lasts 100 hours of use
  • 顯示血氧量 (SpO ) 及脈搏
  • LCD屏幕顯示
  • 低電量提示
  • 手指移離自動關機省電功能
  • 適用於醫院、家居、社區中心


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