Medel l 簡易藥物霧化器 EASY Nebulizer

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MEDEL EASY is an ultra-compact compressor nebulizer system that features a piston pump. The compact structure, the noiselessness and practically make the MEDEL EASY ideal for home use.
Equipped with a complete range of accessories: nebulizer, mounthpiece, nosepiece, adult and pediatric masks, air tube and power cord.


Main Features


  • Thanks to its integrated double silencer system, Medel EASY is extremely silent (52dBA).
  • Supplied with Medeljet Basic Nebulization kit that guarantees high nebulization rate and efficiency.
  • Thanks to the Venturi effect, the air is taken from the environment though top opening in addition to the air supplied by the compressor, thereby increasing nebulization speed and decreasing treatment time. (0,4 ml/min).
  • Compact Design.
  • The kit contains: nebulizer, mouthpiece, nosepiece, adult and pediatric mask, air tube, spare filter.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 2 ml nebulization in 5 minutes only
  • Extremely silent: 52 dBa
  • Compact design


Medel EASY 是一種小型壓縮機霧化系統,設有一個活塞泵。小型的結構及無噪音使 Medel EASY 成為家庭使用的理想選擇。

  • 配備了齊全的配件:霧化器,物鏡轉換器,成人和兒科口罩,空氣管和電源線。
  • 5分鐘即可完成2毫升的藥物霧化

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