Mesalt® 氯化鈉敷料



尺寸:5厘米 x 5厘米/ 10厘米 x 10厘米





  • 吸收滲出物,細菌和壞死物質
  • 天然的清潔作用,即使在受感染的傷口也能夠治愈
  • 易於應用,易拆卸
  • 創造不利於微生物的高滲傷口環境成本效益高,特別是對於重度滲出或感染的傷口,可以指示每日敷料改變即使完全飽和也能保持完整性


  • Mesalt用於管理嚴重排泄和排出炎症相中的感染傷口和深部傷口如壓瘡和手術傷口
  • 請注意,Mesalt不能用於低滲液傷口



Size: 5cm x 5cm / 10cm x 10cm

Packing: 1 Box (30 pieces)

Absorbent, sodium chloride impregnated dressing, which is made of an absorbent, viscose/polyester non woven impregnated with sodium chloride.

Mesalt® supports the cleansing of moderately to heavily discharging wounds including infected wounds

The discharge from the wound releases the sodium chloride from the dressing. Mesalt effectively stimulates the cleansing of wounds in the inflammatory phase by absorbing exudate, bacteria and necrotic material from the wound, thereby facilitating the natural wound healing process.

  • Absorbs exudate, bacteria and necrotic material 
  • Natural cleansing action supports healing, even in infected wounds 
  • Easy application, easy removal 
  • Creates a hypertonic wound environment which is unfavourable to micro-organisms Cost-effective, especially for heavily exuding or infected wounds where daily dressing change may be indicated Maintains integrity even when fully saturated

Areas of use

  • Mesalt is intended for the management of heavily discharging and discharging infected wounds in the inflammatory phase and deep cavity wounds such as pressure sores and surgical wounds.
  • Please note that Mesalt is not to be used on low exuding wounds.


Size: 5cm x 5cm / 10cm x 10cm

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