MIP超級乾爽橫單 Fusion Patient Care Underpad

批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 需確認貨期 - 訂購請聯絡熱線:📞84814841


特點: 連翼 

橫單尺寸: 70.5 x 90cm

單翼尺寸: 87 x 89cm

重量: 476g

材質: (前) Polyester 65%, Rayon 35%

          (後) 100%Vinyl backed Polyester

  • 加拿大品牌
  • Stay Dry 專利設計,表層吸水力強,快速乾爽
  • 有效防止弄污床舖,防止皮膚因便溺侵害而受損
  • 耐用高級質料,特強吸濕效能
  • 經濟耐用,環保節能
  • 表面平滑無皺褶,減低壓傷的形成
  • 親膚柔順面層,不起毛球,保護敏感肌膚
  • 固定翼以固定位置
  • 可以95度高溫清洗及65度焗乾
Features: With Wings / Without Wings
Underpad Dimensions: 70.5cm x 90cm
Wing Dimensions: 87 x 89cm
Weight: 476g
Material: (Front) Polyester 65%, Rayon 35%
                 (Back) 100%Vinyl backed Polyester

  • Canada Brand
  • The Stay Dry surface features quick acquistion rate, high absorbency, and fast wicking
  • Benefit from longevity of underpads, require 50% less re-wash compared to cotton-rich pads
  • Durable and stain resistant materials keeps clothing protectors looking new
  • No Pilling and Provide healthy micro-climate for the skin
  • Reduce pressure points eliminate wrinkling & surface puckering
  • Can be washed up to 90°

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