MIP SWIFT Ultraslide System MIP 床用助移孖寶

批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 需確認貨期 - 訂購請聯絡熱線:📞84814841


MIP 防水床單

尺寸: (闊) 81 - 91cm x (長)198 - 213cm x (深)10 - 20cm

重量: 600g

材質: Sheet: UltraKnit

中央:Low friction with  carbon fibers


尺寸: 100 x 185 cm
重量: 315g
材質: (面) Whootex
         (底) Low fricition, royal blue

  • 在日常護理中,用人手移動在床上的被照顧者,會增加護理人員受傷的風險。
  • MIP研發的SWIFT 助移孖寶系統,令護理人員能輕易移動被照顧者,並有效減少意外受傷的機會。
  • 床單中央的超滑部分有效減低因移動被照顧者時產生的磨擦力,省力易用
  • 堤高職業安全,減少因移動被照顧者而造成的頸部,肩部和背部之損傷
  • 彈性結構及順滑面層,可廣泛應用於醫療床墊及擔架
  • 100%專利合成纖維面層,可確保清洗後快速乾爽,經濟耐用
  • 可以95度高溫清洗及65度焗乾

Ultraslide Bottom Sheets
Dimensions: (Width) 81-91cm x (Length)198-213cm x (Depth):10 - 20cm
Weight: 600g
Material: Sheet: UltraKnit
Central:Low friction with  carbon fibers

SWIFT Sliders
Dimensions: 100 x 185 cm
Weight: 315g
Material: (Top) Whootex
                (Backing) Low fricition, royal blue

  • Manual repositioning increasw caregiver' risk of injuries.
  • MIP has developed Swift UltraSlide System to prevent suchh injuries and reduce the force required to turn or reposition  bed-bound patients / residents.
  • Central low-friction pamel significantly reduces resistance when use along with Swift UltraSlide System
  • Proper use can significantly reduce the risk of neck, shoulder and back injuries of caregivers caused by repositioning
  • UltraKnit construction provides a smooth surface and accommodates a wide range of healthcare mattress, bariatric and stretcher sizes
  • Durable, 100% synthatic fabric ensures quick drying and longevity in demanding environments 
  • Can be washed up to 90°

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