Molicare Comfort Extra Super( Elastic Super L ) (24pcs) 彈性金裝夜用加強版成人紙尿片(大碼)(24片裝)

批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 需確認貨期 - 訂購請聯絡熱線:📞84814841


Packing: 1 pack (24 pieces) / 1 box (3 packs)


-Elastic and comfortable   new nursing experience

-Made in Germany*Imported with original packaging

 Breathable and not stuffy

 The waistband is made of highly breathable non-woven fabric and elastic material, allowing the user's buttocks to breathe without being stuffy.

 Easy to adjust   elastic and comfortable

 Innovative soft surface and elastic side waistband design, like underwear to meet the needs of different body shapes and movements, care for the fragile skin of the user, and keep it   close and comfortable at all times.

Simple and easy to use  secure fit

One elastic side waistband and free stickers on each side reduce the replacement time by up to 20%, easy replacement and stable fit, avoiding the user's embarrassment.

Comply with applied ergonomics to reduce physical stress

The ergonomic design allows nursing staff to change diapers faster, easier and easier, reducing body stress by about 24%

1包24片 / 1箱3包

  • 嶄新全方位紙尿片,附有符合人體工學的三層吸收芯材
  • 精心設計芯材具有高吸附能力,為用家提供最大防漏保護
  • 卓越保水性能有效防止肌膚回潮,維持肌膚健康,帶來全所未有的舒適感覺
  • 注重全面皮膚保護 (Active Skin Protection) 概念,有助保持皮膚健康並防止肌膚遭受外部刺激
  • 適合患有中度大/ 小便失禁的人群使用,亦適合高依賴性及長期臥床的患者/ 住院患者使用
  • 快乾疏導層,柔軟彎曲的防漏邊圍
  • 附有胯部彈性線、柔軟綿織背墊、尿濕顯示
  • 臀部區域帶有透氣摺邊和可重新封合的魔術貼

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