Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulator (T.E.N.S. Therapy) 歐姆龍電子脈衝按摩器 (T.E.N.S. Therapy)



Electronic Pulse Massagers are classified as low frequenct T.E.N.S. equipment (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator)

Widely used in the treatment to:

  • Relieve muscular pain
  • Relieve symptoms of peripheral neuralgia 
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve stiff shoulders
  • LCD shows intensity and remaining time of stimulation

12 Automatic Courses

Select modes to Soothe and Relieve, for Specific Regions and Massage types.

Soothe & Relieve mode for required therapeutic effects at low and high frequency (up to 1200Hz) respectively

Region: Automatic therapy program for 6 regions - shoulders, Joint, Arm, Sole, Leg and Waist

Select your favourite Massage mode program from tapping, kneading, pushing to rubbing

 5 Special Modes

Select and adjust desired level of stimulation. Combined with Auto therapy Modes for better effect.

  1. Hyper Mode- For relief of stiffness with gradual increase of intensity during treatment
  2. Soft Mode- For relief with soft stimulation
  3. Repeat Mode- Repeats your choice of stimulation
  4. Point and Wide Mode- Treats a small or wide area respectively
  5. Balance Adjustment- For emphasis of therapy on red or white sides or both

Washable and more durable Long-life Pads




  • 解除肌肉痛
  • 解除神經痛等症狀
  • 消除疲勞
  • 改善血激循環
  • 消除肩膀僵硬


12種自動模式( 針對症狀、部位、按摩方法選擇使用)

酸痛及疼痛治病(1200Hz 的頻率,提供快速治病)


按摩方法按鈕(敲、揉、按、搓4 種模式)

5 種限定模式(與自動模式配合使用,取得更好效果)

  1. 強烈模式
  2. 輕柔模式
  3. 重複模式
  4. 點和面模式(緩解肩部等小範圍或腰部等大部份的酸痛)
  5. 紅白交替的平衡調節模式


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