Rayovac Extra Advanced 助聽器電池 10 (PR70) 6粒咭裝 英國製造 平行進口

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Rayovac Extra Advanced 助聽器電池 10 (PR70) 6粒咭裝

黃色 6 型電池(最小和最高效!)



Rayovac 的 6 型電池尺寸最小,在聽力學家指定的 RIC 和 ITE 助聽器中尤為常見。

在這裡,PR70 以 1 包 6 節電池的形式出售,電池得以完美保存。


・顏色代碼:黃色 (PR70) 尺寸 10 

・1.45 Volts Zinc Air

・電池保質期長達 4 年 

・容量:105 mmAh

・尺寸:約3.55  x 5.8 mm(高 x 直徑)

・0%汞 (0% Mercury)



為什麼 Audilo 和我的聽力學家建議我在將電池插入助聽器之前等待 1 分鐘?

鋅空氣電池使用與鋅和空氣中元素之間的化學反應相關的複雜技術。 這就是電池表面有孔的原因(讓空氣流通並激活電池)。


在最初幾秒鐘內,當電池與空氣接觸時,其電壓會急劇上升,然後在大約 10 秒鐘後,電壓會再次下降(這也解釋了為什麼如果插入得太早,助聽器會檢測到某些電池已耗盡)。 大約 30 秒後,電池電壓將再次升高並穩定下來以達到最長使用時間。 我們建議您等待 1 分鐘再取下標籤,以確保萬無一失。






Rayovac Extra Advanced 10 Hearing Aid Battery (PR70) 

The yellow type 10 battery (the smallest and most efficient !) 

These long-life hearing aid batteries, sold as a pack of 6 batteries, are compatible with all hearing aid brands, no exceptions.

Functions :

The type 10 battery by Rayovac is the smallest in size and is especially common in audiologist-prescribed RIC and ITE hearing aids.

Here, the PR70 is sold as a packet of 6 batteries. Thanks to the selection wheel, the packet of batteries are perfectly preserved.


Characteristics : 

・Colour code: Yellow (PR70) size 10 

・1.45 Volts Zinc Air 

・Battery freshness: Best-before date up to 4 years 

・Capacity: 105 mAh 

・Dimensions: 3.55 mm x 5.8 mm (H x Diam.) 

・0% mercury 

・Compatible with all hearing aids

How to use:

Why do Audilo and my audiologist advise me to wait 1 minute before inserting my battery into my hearing aid ?

Zinc air batteries use complex technology linked to a chemical reaction between zinc and the elements in the air. This is why there are holes on the face of the battery (to allow the air to circulate and activate the battery).

But what happens when the tab is removed?

During the first seconds, the battery’s voltage increases sharply when it comes into contact with the air, then after around 10 seconds, it falls again (which explains why some batteries are detected as depleted by your hearing aid if you insert them too soon). After around 30 seconds, the battery voltage will increase again and stabilise for maximum usage time. We advise you to wait 1 minute before removing the tab, just to be sure.

What are the consequences of hearing problems?

Physical, nervous and intellectual condition are both the causes and consequences of hearing problems.

To remedy this, we recommend you exercise regularly (to maintain your physical condition) and maintain your mental state and creativity by practising all sorts of rewarding activities (and giving yourself time to rest).

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