Rayovac Extra Advanced 助聽器電池 312 (PR41) 6粒咭裝 英國製造 平行進口

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Rayovac Extra Advanced 助聽器電池 312 (PR41)

Rayovac 是一個非常受歡迎的助聽器電池品牌。

這些長壽命助聽器電池以 6 節電池的形式出售,與所有助聽器品牌兼容,無一例外,並得到我們的合作夥伴聽力學家的推薦。


一包包含 6 塊 312 號助聽器電池。 鋅空氣電池使用氧氣作為燃料,為您的助聽器提供盡可能多的能量。您可以在所有助聽器中使用這些電池。



電池現在是0%汞 (無汞電池):

2015 年之前,助聽器電池是歐洲最後一種成分中含有汞的電池。 

2015 年 10 月,助聽器電池變得更加環保(且可回收)。





在獲得我們今天銷售的穩定、可靠的產品之前,Rayovac 和 Powerone 等製造商製造了多個版本的 0% 汞電池。 自 2016 年以來,0% 汞電池已成為常態,並設法提供與傳統電池相同的質量。 

這一變化對電池製造商來說是一個巨大的成功,他們現在生產的電池更加環保、無汞且性能相當。 因此,該法律通過改進產品並使其可回收利用來發揮其作用。


・顏色代碼:棕色 312 型 (PR41) 

・一包 10 包 6 節電池 

・1.45 Volts Zinc Air 

・電池保質期:最卜口高長達 4 年 

・容量:180 mAh 

・尺寸:約3.6×7.9mm (高×直徑)

・無汞 (Mercury-free)



為什麼 Audilo 和我的聽力學家建議我在將電池插入助聽器之前等待 1 分鐘? 

鋅空氣電池 (Zinc Air Batteries) 使用與鋅和空氣中元素之間的化學反應相關的複雜技術。



在最初的幾秒鐘內,當電池接觸到空氣時,電池的電壓會急劇上升,然後在大約 10 秒後,它再次下降到幾乎為 0(這解釋了為什麼如果您也插入電池,助聽器會檢測到某些電池已耗盡 很快)。 大約 30 秒後,電池電壓將再次升高並穩定下來以達到最長使用時間。 我們建議您等待 1 分鐘再取下標籤,以確保萬無一失。



Rayovac Extra Type 312 Hearing Aid Batteries (PR41)​

Rayovac is a highly popular hearing aid battery brand.

These long-life hearing aid batteries, sold as a pack of 6 batteries, are compatible with all hearing aid brands, no exceptions, and are recommended by our partner audiologists.


This pack of ten packets contains 6 size 312 hearing aid batteries. 

Zinc air batteries use oxygen as fuel to provide your hearing aid with as much energy as possible. 

You can use these batteries in all hearing aids.

The batteries are now 0% mercury:​

Before 2015, hearing aid batteries were the last batteries in Europe to contain mercury in their composition. In October 2015, hearing aid batteries became more environmentally friendly (and recyclable). T

hey have caught up with standard batteries and are now mercury-free. 

The law prohibits distributors from importing batteries containing mercury into Europe.

About the changes: 

The switch to mercury-free battery manufacturing has required a number of changes and investments from manufacturers in order to adapt to European legislation. 

Manufacturers such as Rayovac and Powerone made several versions of 0% mercury batteries before achieving the stable, reliable product we sell today. Since 2016, 0% mercury batteries have been the norm and have managed to offer the same quality as traditional batteries. 

The change has been a great success for battery manufacturers, who now make more environmentally friendly, mercury-free batteries with equivalent performance. The law has therefore fulfilled its role by improving products while making them recyclable.


・Colour code: Brown type 312 (PR41) 

・Pack of 10 packets of 6 batteries 

・1.45 Volts Zinc Air 

・Battery freshness: Best-before date up to 4 years 

・Capacity: 180 mAh 

・Dimensions: 3.6 mm x 7.9 mm (H x Diam.) 


・Suitable for all digital and analogue devices

How to use: 

Why do Audilo and my audiologist advise me to wait 1 minute before inserting my battery into my hearing aid? 

Zinc air batteries use complex technology linked to a chemical reaction between zinc and the elements in the air. This is why there are holes on the face of the battery (to allow the air to circulate and activate the battery).

But what happens when the tab is removed?

During the first seconds, the battery’s voltage increases sharply when it comes into contact with the air, then after around 10 seconds, it falls again almost to 0 (which explains why some batteries are detected as depleted by your hearing aid if you insert them too soon). After around 30 seconds, the battery voltage will increase again and stabilise for maximum usage time. We advise you to wait 1 minute before removing the tab, just to be sure.

There is no one battery brand that is more reliable than the others, or that will last twice as long. You may, however, notice some variations depending on your hearing aid, but they won’t be significant. If one battery brand was better than another, we would tell you.

Users are sometimes more attached to a certain hearing aid battery brand out of habit, rather than because of their capacity or battery life.

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