Rayovac Extra Advanced 助聽器電池 675 (PR44) 6粒咭裝 英國製造 平行進口

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Rayovac Extra Advanced 助聽器電池 675 (PR44)

一包 6 塊 Rayovac PR44 電池!

這些長壽命助聽器電池以 6 件一包的形式出售,與所有助聽器品牌兼容,無一例外。


藍色電池 (675) 容量大(它們是所有助聽器電池中容量最大的),這意味著電池壽命更長(您不需要經常更換電池)。

ZINC AIR 技術進一步優化了電池壽命:極耳下方的小孔允許電池呼吸並吸收空氣以產生能量。


取下標籤後,等待 1 分鐘讓電池充電,然後將電池插入助聽器使其工作。


・ 顏色代碼:藍色 (PR44)

・1.45 Volts Zinc Air

・電池保質期長達 4 年

・容量:640 mAh


・尺寸:約 5.4 x 11.6 mm(高 x 直徑)










Rayovac Extra Advanced 675 Hearing Aid Battery (PR44) 

A packets of 6 Rayovac PR44 batteries!

These long-life hearing aid batteries, sold as a pack of 6, are compatible with all hearing aid brands, no exceptions.


Blue batteries (675) have a large capacity (they are the biggest out of all hearing aid batteries), which translates as a longer battery life (you won’t need to change the battery as often).

ZINC AIR technology optimises battery life even further: the small holes under the tab allow the battery to breathe and absorb air to produce energy.

Make sure the battery holes are obstacle-free (use a dry cloth to ensure any glue residue from the tab doesn’t penetrate the battery).

Once the tab is removed, wait 1 minute for the battery to charge, then insert the battery into the hearing aid to make it work.


・Colour code: Blue (PR44) 

・1.45 Volts Zinc Air 

・Battery freshness: Best-before date up to 4 years 

・Capacity: 640 mAh 

・Mercury: yes Dimensions: 5.4 mm x 11.6 mm (H x Diam.) 

・Suitable for digital and analogue devices 

Please note : These batteries can be used in cochlear implants.

How to use:

・Take the hearing aid battery by its handling tab. 

・Insert the battery into your device’s battery compartment. 

・Your device is now working.

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