Remedy Phytoplex Hydraguard Silicone Skin Cream 美國[美蘭牌] 超級保濕防水預防尿疹膏(含矽)(4oz)



Remedy Phytoplex Hydraguard Silicone Skin Cream

  • Premium 24% silicone blend cream creates a breathable, water-resistant film over skin as it moisturizes, nourishes and helps skin resist moisture loss
  • Reduces the appearance of red, cracked and scaly skin while soothing dry skin
  • Botanical formulation is rich in oleosomes -- naturally encapsulated safflower oils that release over time
  • Use on hands, face and body; also great for perineal care
  • Gentle enough for use on the most fragile skin of all ages
  • Available in naturally scented vanilla and unscented

美國[美蘭牌] 超級保濕防水預防尿疹膏(含矽)

  • 內含[ Phytoplex ]專利配方,適合敏感性皮膚
  • 配方非藥性,性質溫和,能高效修護脆弱皮膚問題
  • 適合新生兒,糖尿病,老年病人士使用
  • 含24%[矽]配方能為皮膚建立防水透氣保護膜,有效防止尿液及失禁物傷害
  • 預防及舒緩泛紅,龜裂,鱗屑及痕癢皮膚
  • 防止水分流失並全面修護及滋潤乾燥皮膚
  • 有效預防尿疹
  • 低過敏性、不含對羥基苯甲酸酯、無刺激性、無敏性,經兒科醫生和皮膚科醫生測試

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