SallyRoller® Transfer Roller Board

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Transfer patients from bed to bed in seconds

SallyRoller® is a lightweight, foldable, patient transfer device which transfers patients between a bed and x-ray table, operating table, shower trolley or ambulance stretcher. It is effectively a patient transfer board and padded slide tube in one.

A single caregiver is able to assist patient transfer is an easy, safe and comfortable move. It reduces back injuries and other stresses that may result from lifting patients for a lateral move. It also enables the caregiver to quickly get one product instead of having to find a transfer board and slide sheet.


  • Lightweight - weighs only 3kg
  • Can be easily stored - only 88cm x 55cm when folded
  • Fits on length of bed - 177cm x 55cm
  • 150kg S.W.L. when used with 15cm gap
  • Water resistant
  • Simple cleaning using surface disinfectant
  • Anti-bacterial / fire retardant / anti-static


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