Sempermed Velvet (無粉)藍色丁晴手套



European Glove Expert, Velvet, Nitrile Gloves, Thin, Powder Free

-Sempermed, a European glove expert, is an Austrian brand with a history of producing gloves for nearly a hundred years.

-Velvet is light and soft, yet tough. The innovative formula reduces the thickness of the gloves and enhances the user's comfort and touch. The nitrile material is suitable for most sensitive skins.

-Color: Lavender Blue

-This product conforms to the first category of hospital equipment and the third category of protective gloves according to EU standards, and is suitable for a variety of purposes.

-This product complies with EU standards Food regulation (EC) 1935/2004, suitable for food processing

'- Production location: Malaysia



 歐洲手套專家, Velvet, 丁腈手套, 薄身, 無粉

- 歐洲手套專家 Sempermed, 是奧地利名牌, 有近百年生產手套歷史.
- Velvet 特質輕盈柔軟,韌度依然.創新配方減低手套厚度,增強用家舒適感及觸感, 丁腈物料,適合多數敏感性皮膚.
- 顏色:  薰衣草藍
- 本產品符合歐盟標準的第一類醫院器材及第三類防護性手套類別,適合多種用途.
- 本產品符合歐盟標準 Food regulation (EC) 1935/2004, 適合處理食品
'- 生產地: 馬來西亞

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