SkinClinic 阿魏酸抗氧化修復精華 SkinClinic Ferulast Serum (30ml)

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SkinClinic 阿魏酸抗氧化修復精華 (30ml) 


96小時抗氧, 抗光老化, 美白淡斑, 抗皺修護


 4重抗氧速透科技, 瞬間滋潤肌膚, 加強細胞活力, 先進專利複合配方, 抵禦UVA、UVB及紫外線

 5種抗皺活性成份, 中和自由基, 促進膠原蛋白合成, 提升肌膚緊緻和彈性, 更強抗光老化保護

 密封鎖鮮技術, 8倍強效抗氧化保護, 左旋維生素C抗黑色素, 96小時發揮抗氧化作用

 無Paraben防腐劑, 無酒精、色素及礦物油, 過敏肌膚也適用, 適合激光治療後使用



使用方法 :

早晚均衡地塗在面部、頸部和胸前,輕按至吸收。早上配合日霜及防曬便用 / 晚上配合晚霜使用。(特別適合醫學療程後的加強修復:激光,彩光,CO2,點陣激光,微針射頻等)


*不含香料 *不含色素.


SkinClinic Ferulast Serum (30ml)


96 hours anti-oxidant

Anti-light aging, Whitening,  Anti-wrinkle repair


Ferulic Acid Antioxidant Repair Essence is an advanced compound formula with a quadruple anti-oxidant barrier to resist free radical damage! In addition to combining the new patented combination of antioxidant ingredients-ferulic acid and astaxanthin, it also contains small molecule hyaluronic acid, 10% L-vitamin C and 0.5% vitamin E, which can neutralize free radicals and promote collagen synthesis And provide high-efficiency anti-oxidation protection to resist the damage of light aging. Equipped with "Composite Antioxidant" technology, it contains 5 kinds of anti-wrinkle active ingredients, which provides 8 times the natural anti-oxidant protection for the skin. It lasts for 96 hours to exert the anti-oxidant effect, and promotes the synergistic effect of active ingredients on the skin, strengthens cell vitality, and accelerates Cell regeneration can reduce 96% of cells from being sunburned by ultraviolet rays. It provides higher UV protection than a single antioxidant product, prevents melanin and wrinkle formation, feels gentle and non-irritating, and is also suitable for allergic skin. Used after laser treatment, it proved to provide stronger protection against photo-aging than a single course of treatment!

4-fold anti-oxygen fast penetration technology

Moisturize skin instantly. Strengthen cell viability. Advanced patented compound formula. Resist UVA, UVB and ultraviolet rays

5 anti-wrinkle active ingredients

Neutralize free radicals. Promote collagen synthesis. Improve skin firmness and elasticity. Stronger protection against light aging

Sealing and locking technology


8 times potent antioxidant protection, L-Vitamin C Anti-Melanin, Antioxidant effect in 96 hours

Paraben-free preservative

No alcohol, coloring and mineral oil

Suitable for allergic skin


Suitable for use after laser treatment

Ingredients: 0.5% ferulic acid, 0.01% astaxanthin, 0.3% small molecules, Hyaluronic acid, 10% L-vitamin C, 0.5% vitamin E


How to use: Evenly apply on the face, neck and chest in the morning and evening, gently press until absorbed. Use with day cream and sunscreen in the morning / use with night cream in the evening. (Particularly suitable for enhanced repair after medical treatment: laser, color light, CO2, lattice laser, microneedle radio frequency, etc.)


*No fragrance *No coloring

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