SPECTRA 9+ 手提電動雙泵 內置充電池 Rechargeable Double Breast Pump

批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 需確認貨期 - 訂購請聯絡熱線:📞84814841


產地: 韓國


  1. 奶泵主機 x1
  2. 吸奶喇叭 (28mm) x2
  3. 矽膠漏咀 x2
  4. 預防逆流器 x2
  5. 軟管 x2
  6. 闊口儲奶瓶 x2 (不包括奶咀)
  7. 三腳插頭充電器 x1




    • BPA FREE 全線產品不含雙酚A化學物料 (0% Bisphenol A)
    • 超輕巧手提設計: 採用超輕巧的設計,重量僅為239克,方便外出攜帶和存放。
    • 操作加倍寧靜: 操作時發出的聲音僅為39.5 分貝,寧靜舒適。
    • 電動雙邊奶泵: 只須簡單增加或減少軟管數量,即可轉換以單或雙泵使用。
    • 濕電及內置充電池兩用: 連接濕電或以內置的充電池使用。
    • 按摩功能和吸吮模式設定: 模仿嬰兒吸吮節奏,設有5級按摩功能及10級吸吮模式。
    • 專利防止奶逆流技術: 獨有防止奶逆流器,確保奶泵為封閉式操作,阻止吸入的空氣倒流回奶瓶中,同時阻隔母乳滲入奶泵的機件內,減低奶泵故障和機內細菌滋生的機會,安全及衛生。
    • 30分鐘自動停止操作: 奶泵使用30分鐘後會自動停止,避免過度使用。

    Country of origin: South Korea

    1 year warranty

    Box Set:

    1. Pump Unit x1
    2. Breast Shield (28mm) x2
    3. Valve x2
    4. Backflow Protector x2
    5. Tubing x2
    6. Wide Neck Milk Bottle x2 (Teat Exclude)
    7. 3-Pin Power Adapter x1

    • All materials in contact with breast milk are BPA free (0% Bisphenol A).
    • Portable and lightweight: 9+ is a small and convenience portable electric breast pump which only has 239g ultra light weight for easy transport and storage.
    • Ultra quiet operation: Only 39.5dB, an ideal quiet breastpump for mothers using it at home, at work or during the night.
    • Double electric breast pump: Suitable for single or double pumping, mothers can easily increase or reduce the number of tubing to meet their needs.
    • AC or built-in rechargeable battery: Pumping anytime and anywhere you like.' Mothers can connect to AC power or use it with built-in rechargeable battery.
    • Adjustable massage and pump vacuum: Providing 5 levels of soft massage and 10 levels of pump vacuum control. It mimics baby sucking rhythm to stimulate and increase milk flow.
    • Patented backflow protection: Backflow protector ensures that there is a complete physical barrier between the breast milk and outside polluted air and bacteria. It makes it a closed system breast pump which is safe and hygienic.
    • Time check and 30 mins Auto power off: Ensure mothers' safety while using the pump at night.


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