SPECTRA Disposable Breast Milk Bags即棄無菌密實儲奶袋

批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 需確認貨期 - 訂購請聯絡熱線:📞84814841


包裝: 30片裝 / 盒
容量: 200毫升 / 個

  • 無菌處理: 經消毒滅菌處理後密封包裝,確保奶袋無菌衛生。
  • 安全物料製造: 以HDPE物料製造,不含雙酚A化學物料,無味、無毒性,可放心冷凍存放母乳。
  • 直立設計: 底部採用直立設計,倒入母乳後可直立儲存。
  • 密實封口: 雙重密實封條,一封即實,有效避免母乳滲漏和隔絕細菌。
  • 記錄日期: 媽媽可於空格上填寫日期及時間,方便記錄。
  • 容量刻度: 袋上印有刻度,可準確知道母乳的容量。


  1. 清洗雙手後剪開或撕開袋口,把母乳倒入袋內。
  2. 從下而上把袋內的空氣擠出,然後密封袋口。
  3. 檢查袋口是否密封後,把儲奶袋直立。
  4. 在袋身或貼上貼紙書寫母乳封裝日期、時間及容量。
  • 存放在室溫(25℃),最多可保存6-8小時 (天熱時切勿在室溫儲存母乳);
  • 存放在雪櫃冷藏格內,最多可保存24(單門)-72(雙門)小時;
  • 存放在冰格內,最多可保存3個月 (如母乳需存放在冰格內,切勿倒入超過容量標上限的三分之二約140ml的容量,以避免因膨脹令儲奶袋破損)。

Packing: 30 pieces of breast milk bag per box

Capacity: 200ml / Bag

  • Pre-Sterilized: Sealed packaging after sterilization to ensure milk bag is hygienic.
  • Safe Materials: Made of HDPE materials which is free of Bisphenol A, tasteless, non-toxic and suitable for long-term storage of breast milk.
  • Stand Itself: Designed to stand itself with less storage space.
  • Leak-proof and easy to close zipper top: The double-walled bags have a leak-proof and easy to close zipper top, ensuring safe long-term storage and avoid breast milk leakage.
  • Date and Time Labelling: Mothers can mark the date and time on the labelling area of milk bag for keep tracking of breast milk.
  • Capacity Scale: Easy and accurate to know the amount of breast milk.

How To Use

  1. Wash hands before cutting the opening of milk bag, and pour the breast milk in the bag.
  2. Squeeze out the air as much as possible, then seal the bag.
  3. Check whether the bag has been sealed properly and put the milk bag upright.
  4. Write the squeezing date, time and volume of breast milk on the labelling area or with a sticker.
  • If it is under room temperature (25℃), the bag can be stored up to 6-8 hours (Do not store breast milk at room temperature during hot season). 
  • If it is in the fresh compartment, it can be stored for 24 hours (single door) – 72 hours (two-door). 
  • If it is in freezer, it can be stored for 3 months (Do not fill milk more than 2/3 of the limit which is around 140ml in order to reduce the split risk of the milk storage bags after frozen).

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