Trulife Relax Duo-Profile Cushion 坐墊

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批次 (團體及批發訂購熱線:📞84814841):: 預購貨品,7-14天到貨


Pre-contoured surface giving excellent hip and leg alignment.
3 Layered Design
base is Fast Recovery Foam
mid-section is Slow Foam/ Memory Foam
top layer is medical-grade silicone
Conforms quickly to a users shape, thanks to an integrated collapsible gel topper
Includes outer cover
The Duo-Profile wheelchair cushion offers a pre-contoured surface giving excellent hip and leg alignment.


尺寸:16“x 16”/ 18“x 16”

高: 3"

  • 高度減壓
  • 緊密組合:   
  • 醫療級矽膠 + 固定坐形海棉 + 快速回形海棉
  • 減壓功效顯著、有效預防壓瘡形成
  • 特別坐形設計、防止坐者向前傾、保持最佳坐姿
  • 可承受重量: 130kg
  • 附有防水防污防滑的彈性透氣坐墊套

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