Urgo Algoplaque Film 密封式水凝膠敷料 (薄身豬油膏)



Packing: 16pcs / box

Size: 10cm x 10cm

Algoplaque Hydrocolloid dressing

  • Provides a moist environment
  • Waterproof and bacteriaproof
  • Transparent for better wound monitoring

Algoplaque is a sterile semi-permeable, hydrocolloid dressing:

  • The inner layer is composed of hydrocolloid particles (carboxymethylcellulose) incorporated in an elastomer mesh.
  • The outer layer is a semi-permeable polyurethane backing.

When in contact with the wound, the hydrocolloid particles absorb exudate gradually, forming a moist gel and creating the optimal conditions for the healing process in terms of moisture, temperature and pH. 

This gel is non-adherent, which allows the dressing to be removed without damaging the wound.


  1. Clean the wound as per local protocol and rinse with normal saline.
  2. If an antiseptic is first used, rinse the wound thoroughly with saline solution before applying Algoplaque.
  3. Dry the surrounding skin carefully with a sterile compress.
  4. Ensure the size of Algoplaque chosen is large enough to leave 2 to 3 cm of the dressing overlapping the healthy skin around the wound.
  5. Remove the protective films and apply Algoplaque to the wound without any tension, making sure not to touch the part with the fingers.
  6. Smooth the dressing gently over the wound and more firmly around the edges covering surrounding skin.
  7. For Algoplaque Sacrum, apply the dressing with the point down towards the natal (gluteal) cleft. To ensure good adhesion and protection, in case of incontinence, apply as flat as possible.

Use Algoplaque Thin (changed every 4 to 6 days) when the wound is at the epithelialisation stage.

To remove Algoplaque, stretch the dressing by pulling each side and it will lift slowly and gently from the wound (tangential removal).



包裝: 16片 / 盒
尺寸: 10厘米 x 10厘米
  • 無菌的半滲透性水膠體敷料
  • 為傷口提供濕潤的癒合環境
  • 非粘附凝膠,去除敷料時不損害傷口
  • 防水防菌
  • 透明表面方便監測傷口狀況
  • 當與傷口接觸時,水膠體顆粒逐漸吸收滲出物,形成濕潤的凝膠,並在濕度,溫度和pH方面有利於癒合


  1. 先用生理鹽水沖洗及清潔傷口,並印乾周圍的皮膚
  2. 確保選擇的Algoplaque的大小足夠大可以使2至3厘米的敷料與傷口周圍的健康皮膚重疊
  3. 取下保護膜,並將Algoplaque應用於傷口,確保不要用手指碰觸部位
  4. 輕輕地將敷料平滑地纏繞在傷口上,並更牢固地覆蓋圍繞皮膚的邊緣


傷口處於上皮化階段時更換Algoplaque Thin(每4至6天更換一次)


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