Urgosorb 海藻敷料 (含銀)



包裝:1片 / 1盒(10片) / 1盒(5片 - 2.5厘米 x 30厘米)

尺寸:5厘米x 5厘米/ 10厘米x 10厘米 / 2.5厘米 x 30厘米


  • 廣譜抗菌活性
  • 吸收滲出物
  • 促進癒合
  • 一件拆卸
  • 止血性質
  • 吸收能力

Urgosorb Ag / Silver是將海藻酸鈣纖維,水膠體和銀顆粒(0.5%離子銀)組合的吸收性敷料。

當與滲出物接觸時,在傷口和敷料之間交換鈉鈣離子。 UrgoSorb Ag / Silver凝膠,這保持了有利於癒合過程的潮濕環境。

UrgoSorb Ag / Silver吸收滲出液,軟化並排出任何壞死的碎屑。通過血小板活化,Urgosorb Ag / Silver敷料促進急性和慢性出血性創傷的原發性止血。

當傷口滲出物被吸收並且Urgosorb Ag / Silver形成凝膠時,銀離子在敷料和傷口界面處逐漸釋放。這有助於防止敷料的細菌污染,並將細菌從傷口處遠離,造成屏障效應。


  1. 按照當地方案清潔傷口,並用生理鹽水沖洗。仔細乾燥周圍的皮膚。
  2. 如果首先使用防腐劑,在使用Urgosorb Ag / Silver之前,用鹽水溶液徹底沖洗傷口。
  3. 選擇適當尺寸的Urgosorb Ag / Silver,以便至少留下1或2厘米的敷料,覆蓋傷口周圍的健康皮膚。
  4. 將Urgosorb Ag / Silver直接塗抹在傷口上。
  5. 對於深部或隧道傷口(麻痺性壓力性潰瘍,皮竇竇),應用Urgosorb Ag /銀繩,鬆動無壓力。
  6. 覆蓋Urgosorb Ag /銀與次要敷料
  7. 使用合適的繃帶,膠帶將敷料固定在適當的位置,或者如果處方應用壓力繃帶。
  8. Urgosorb Ag / Silver應根據傷口的臨床情況每1至3天更換7天。

    **對於腿部潰瘍,Urgosorb Ag / Silver可以用鹽水溶液潤濕,以便在必要時緩解去除。



Packing: 1Pc / 1Box (10pcs) / 1Box (5pcs - 2.5cm x 30cm)

Size: 5cm x 5cm / 10cm x 10cm / 2.5cm x 30cm

Absorbent calcium alginate and hydrocolloid dressing with silver


  • Broad spectrum antibacterial activity
  • Absorption of exudate
  • Facilitates desloughing and healing
  • One piece removal
  • Haemostatic properties
  • Absorption capacity

Urgosorb Ag/Silver is an absorbent dressing which combines calcium alginate fibres, hydrocolloid and silver particles (0.5% ionic silver).

When in contact with exudate, there is an exchange of sodium-calcium ions between the wound and the dressing. The UrgoSorb Ag/Silver gels and this maintains the moist environment favourable for the healing process.

UrgoSorb Ag/Silver absorbs the exudate, softens and drains any necrotic debris. Through platelet activation, the Urgosorb Ag/Silver dressing promotes primary haemostasis of acute and chronic bleeding wounds.


As the wound exudate is absorbed and Urgosorb Ag/Silver forms a gel, the Silver ions are gradually released from both within the dressing and at the wound interface. This helps prevent bacterial contamination of the dressing and also locks bacteria away from the wound, causing a barrier effect.


  1. Clean the wound as per local protocol and rinse with normal saline. Dry the surrounding skin carefully.
  2. If an antiseptic is first used, rinse the wound thoroughly with saline solution before applying Urgosorb Ag/Silver.
  3. Choose the appropriate size of Urgosorb Ag/Silver so as to leave at least 1 or 2 cm of the dressing covering healthy skin around the wound.
  4. Apply Urgosorb Ag/Silver directly onto the wound.
  5. For deep or tunnel wounds (anfractuous pressure ulcers, pilonidal sinus), apply Urgosorb Ag/Silver rope loosely without any excessive pressure.
  6. Cover Urgosorb Ag/Silver with a secondary dressing
  7. Secure the dressing in place with a suitable bandage, adhesive tape, or apply compression bandage if prescribed.
  8. Urgosorb Ag/Silver should be changed every 1 to 3 days, and up to 7 days depending on the clinical condition of the wound.

    **For leg ulcers, Urgosorb Ag/Silver may be moistened with saline solution to ease the removal if necessary.



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