Zoono 抗菌淨膚液 Skin Clear and Acne



包裝: 50毫升

  • Zoono 抗菌淨膚液由Zoono專有環保無毒長效滅菌抗菌因子配方調配而成,具高效抗菌力,對於改善由細菌引起的暗瘡問題,效用尤佳。
  • 一項於2011年在美國某大學校園進行的廣泛大型測試顯示 ─ 其中包括一些極端嚴重,連使用類固醇也不能解決的嚴重個案 ─ Zoono 抗菌淨膚液也能透過滅菌抗菌從而解除其暗瘡煩腦。
  • Zoono 抗菌淨膚液無色、無味,而且不會弄髒衣物。其實,一次使用,它便可以長留肌膚,發揮效用,直至皮膚因新陳代謝自然脫落為止
Capacity: 50ml 




    • Zoono Skin Clear and Acne is a single formula / single application Acne Treatment - based on the proven, Zoono antimicrobial technology.
    • Tested on US University Campus in 2011, it proved to be highly successful - including treating extreme cases where steroid injections had proved unsuccessful.
    • It is colourless, odourless and will not stain.
    • It remains on the skin until the skin naturally exfoliates.

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