Zoono Mould Guard 霉菌衛士



Capacity: 150ml

  • Zoono Mould Guard is a highly effective formulation that is easy to apply and protects against surface mould within the home.
  • Zoono Mould Guard is highly effective protection against mould within the home. Zoono Mould Guard is safe to use in kitchens, bathrooms, spas, saunas, showers, hot water cupboards etc - any location where surface mould is visible. Zoono Mould Guard is food safe, non-leaching and safe to use around people, plants and pets alike. It works best on hard surfaces such as shower wall linings, ceramic tiles, finished plaster, laminates, finished concrete etc.


包裝: 150毫升

  • 安全無毒
  • 無刺激性氣味、無腐蝕性
  • 長效殺滅99.99%病菌
  • 處理和去除霉菌氣味

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