The epidemic in Hong Kong has once again broken out. The number of confirmed cases has risen exponentially, and the number of citizens who need to be tested has also increased. However, the number of test centers and sampling stations is in short supply, and the test results have to wait for 48 hours to receive. Long queues are required to do the test , and the gathering of many people becomes an unsafe area, which increases the chance of infection, and it is impossible to do the test with peace of mind; the waiting period after the test is even more frightening.

How can citizens feel at ease to do the test without having to go out to queue and get the result quickly? The following is the introduction of DEEPBLUE Coronavirus Self-Test Stick!

Can citizens trust it?

Of course, the source of this DEEPBLUE new coronavirus antigen rapid test stick is very safe. It is a scientific research of Oxford University in the United Kingdom and has passed CE1434 of the European Union. It also has certifications from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, etc. ! It is the test agent used by the most people in Europe👍🏻Confidence guaranteed👍🏻

Wait 15 minutes to get a test result with an accuracy of up to 98%

Citizens can conduct testing at home, avoiding contact with crowds, and the method of use is simple.

How to use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ39-LBofEA&t=1s

Buy a bunch of them quickly and keep them at home , and test yourself and your family members regularly, so you don’t have to wait indefinitely at the testing center, and you can avoid the spread of infection at home, so you can feel at ease, and your family members can also feel at ease.

Let's fight the epidemic together and tide over the difficulties!


  1. single use only

Purchase link: https://bit.ly/3JenStH