acc+ pluse Fingertip Blood Oxygen Heart Rhythm Detector

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product description
The acc+ pluse fingertip blood oxygen and heart rhythm detector allows you to detect asymptomatic infections early at home, with multiple pediatricians ‍empirical effectiveness, one-click detection is easy! Allows you to detect asymptomatic infections with blood oxygen levels! The black and white screen is a more professional version, ready to read the blood oxygen value.

Research reports in the United States have shown <br>dangerous indicators of blood oxygen concentration:
1. Blood oxygen concentration <90%: It indicates that the patient may be developing a serious illness, please seek medical attention immediately.
2. Blood oxygen concentration of 91% to 94%: It indicates that the patient may be developing COVID-19, and may need to be evaluated by phone or video immediately.
3. Blood oxygen concentration 95% to 100%: normal, don't worry.

The relationship between pulse oximeter and COVID-19 <br>A research report in the United States shows that patients who use a pulse oximeter at home, long before their complaints of shortness of breath are not obvious, A few days ago, it will be found that the blood oxygen saturation has dropped, and it can be transferred to the hospital for treatment early.
Patients with a pulse oximeter at home present with escalation a few days earlier due to declining oxygen saturation readings, prior to subjective complaint of shortness of breath.
When the COVID-19 test result is positive, or is waiting for the test result, the fingertip oximeter (pulse oximeter) is a convenient and quick tool to monitor the blood oxygen level.
What is a pulse oximeter? Simple-to-use device that monitors oxygen levels in the blood and sees results in seconds.
Many people with mild/asymptomatic COVID-19 infection do not know it because they do not have any obvious symptoms.
The COVID-19 virus can reach the lungs and reduce your blood oxygen levels. When blood oxygen levels are lower than normal and severe illness occurs, sometimes patients only feel tired, weak (hidden hypoxia, 31.9%) or obvious shortness of breath (typical hypoxia, 68.1%), these situations are very dangerous of.
The fingertip pulse oximeter monitors the patient's blood oxygen level at any time. When the blood oxygen level drops, everyone knows to seek medical attention immediately.

Product Description

  1. Equipped with a rotating display, viewing without dead ends
  2. Suitable for all ages, especially sleep apnea, pregnancy, heart failure, asthma, etc.
  3. Display blood oxygen concentration and heart rate amplitude display, allowing users to see graphical changes
  4. There are 4 display modes
  5. With fast and accurate blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate measurement data
  6. Can be used for up to 40 hours
  7. Ergonomically designed to fit all finger sizes
  8. Safety certification, high quality and reliability: CE,FCC,ROHS
  9. Power supply: AAA battery X 2
  10. Dimensions: 65mm x 45mm x 45mm
  11. Weight: 35.5g

Product Features

    1. Instant readability
    2. Automatically shut down after finger off


    1. Suitable for the elderly, adults, and children

    place of origin




    1. Please understand how to use it first, and don't misinterpret the readings

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