Since many customers also want to check the delivery status of their orders, this page is to introduce how customers can log in to the website and find the tracking number and check the delivery status.

(1) After logging in to our account on our acc+ page, click on my account at the top right and click on my order

(2) Click the order you want to check

(3) If it is a SF Express tracking number, copy the tracking number after adding SF, and check the status at the following website:

(4) Enter the tracking number to be queried in the blank space on the left hand side of the query button, and then press Query

(5) After pressing the query button, a puzzle will appear, press and hold it to the right and pull it to the gap position [the mobile version is the same as the computer version]

(6) If there is an item that has been received in the express, if it is a residence/delivery address at this time, you should pay attention to the dispatcher's call within a few days, or there will be a dispatcher's phone number/you can call the SF hotline as shown in the picture below Inquire

(7) If the courier has not been sent/SF staff has not received it, the following situations will occur, you can notify us for inquiries


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