Booster New Emotion Muscle Massager

Color: Pink-Blue


The world's first mix and match, the collision of colors and moods creates a good spark. The visual sense heals your physical and mental fatigue. The newly launched New Emotion has 4 colors and mood collisions, which can heal your physical and mental fatigue and at the same time have a great visual sense. The weight of the new model is only 320g, and any user can easily handle it. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not be a big problem. Another highlight is that the position of the grip is fine and soft sandblasting. It makes the grip more comfortable. , the speed can also be adjusted in 4 stages, plus the use of the latest AI smart chip, each gear will be intelligently adjusted, and it runs ultra-quietly, which is very suitable for Office to relax at any time.

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