acc+ individually packaged Taiwan size zero adult mask

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Product Description

The independent packaging is an extension of the flagship product Zero, making it easy to take with you. The thoughtful design keeps you protected at all times. Keep a few acc+ individually packaged masks with you, so you don’t have to worry if the mask gets dirty or smells bad.

  1. accmask includes raw materials and is made in Taiwan throughout the entire process. Made in Taiwan, the quality is reassuring and reliable.
  2. Blue/yellow/pink/pink-purple/white/green/orange masks.
  3. Air permeability Delta P (ΔP) <3
  4. Suitable for adults, approximately 9.5cm x 17.5cm.
  5. 30 tablets per box, individually packaged.
  6. The features of this product are dustproof, filtration, water-proof and comfortable, BFE>99%, PFE>99%, VFE>99%
  7. Designed to fit the face shape of Hong Kong people, the nose bridge line can be adjusted according to individual face shape.
  8. Good breathability function, suitable for long-term wearing.
  9. The masks are manufactured by acc+ in a factory in Taiwan.
  10. Passed CE ISO13485:2016 certification.
  11. Comply with Taiwan CNS14774/CNS14775/CNS14776/CNS14777 standards.
  12. Latex free.
  13. Contains no fiberglass.
  14. The mask has a shelf life of 5 years, and the manufacturing date will vary from batch to batch. Please refer to the label on the product packaging bag for details.
  15. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.


  1. Suitable for adults, approximately 9.5cm x 17.5cm.


  1. Surface layer - PP non-woven fabric, water-repellent and prevents oral spray mist from penetrating.
  2. Middle layer - MB melt-blown non-woven fabric, effective filtering barrier.
  3. The bottom layer - PP+PE composite fiber, skin-friendly material with good breathability, can absorb breathed moisture, making it comfortable and dry.


  1. This product is a disposable disposable mask. It is recommended not to reuse it. If your breath smells bad, is dirty, or is damaged after long-term use, please replace it immediately.
  2. This product has no anti-virus effect. Do not use it in an environment with toxic gases and vapors. If necessary, please wear a special gas mask.
  3. Due to hygiene considerations, this product cannot be returned or exchanged after shipment.
  4. The position of the nose line is not perfectly centered and does not affect the wearing effect.
  5. The Taiwanese authorities may have the opportunity to impose masks again, affecting the original delivery date.
  6. This product has the acc+ logo or does not have the logo, and will be shipped randomly.
  7. Different batches of fabrics may have color differences.
  8. There will be different batches of boxes, which will not affect the color of the mask itself.


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