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Product Description

Decorating a new house🏠, ​​replacing new furniture🪑, moving to a new office💼, and buying a new car🚙 are all fun🥰, but have you paid attention to the formaldehyde in it?

Formaldehyde has long been defined as a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is widely present in most decoration building materials, including various boards such as floors and ceilings, as well as daily curtains, furniture, blankets, and commonly used decoration materials. Paints, adhesives, etc. will continue to release formaldehyde😳.

After inhaling formaldehyde, symptoms such as itchy eyes, sore throat, and tracheal constriction usually occur. If exposed continuously, it will cause headaches, vomiting, coughing, asthma, etc.; for pregnant women🤰🏻, high concentrations of formaldehyde will harm the fetus in the belly and may cause birth defects😱. Have you ever been forced to breathe formaldehyde while working in a new office? You get it!

acc+ brings you the formaldehyde killer F-Killer! It uses German 🇩🇪 technical formula to quickly and effectively eliminate sun-dried formaldehyde. Formaldehyde killer uses three core technologies: molecular polymerization technology (MPT), polycondensation technology (POT), and slow release decomposition (SRDN). After being sprayed on walls, furniture, and wallpapers, it will penetrate inward and decompose. Formaldehyde also forms a nano-ion layer on the surface to capture and decompose the newly released formaldehyde in real time. Make the decomposition process safer and more efficient, without causing secondary pollution👍🏻.

Formaldehyde Killer Comprehensive Formaldehyde Scavenger can eliminate sun-dried formaldehyde in various occasions such as new home decoration, new furniture, office relocation, and new car cleaning. The products are available in various forms, including single bottles, sets, concentrates, etc. to meet different needs. During use, just spray the cleaning agent evenly on the indoor contaminated area and wait for the cleaning agent to evaporate.

🇩🇪German technical formula
📜Passed ROHS and California 65 certification
🔬Three core deep formaldehyde removal technologies
🍾500ml large capacity
🧹Remove formaldehyde residue after decoration
🉐Formaldehyde removal rate reaches 99%
🏠Emergency move-in to new house
👍🏻Each stick is enough for 300-400 feet

The main function

  1. Using a new formula, it can widely decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene series, T VOC , etc.


  1. 500ml net content

Active ingredients

  1. Plant protease, photocatalyst (nano titanium dioxide) , formaldehyde capture agent, net aldehyde factor, citric acid, deionized water


  1. Use a nozzle or spray gun to spray;
  2. Before use, clean the dust on the surface of the pollution source, and then spray the product on the surface of the pollution source. If the spraying is uneven, clean it evenly with a rag;
  3. Reference usage area of ​​each bottle; 300-400 feet


  1. This product is non-toxic but not edible; wash with water after contact with skin.
  2. This product is not suitable for spraying on metal, electrical appliances, glass and other surfaces, but it will not corrode such surfaces.
  3. If there are traces left due to uneven spraying after use, just wipe them off immediately.
  4. When using, keep away from heat sources and flames, and avoid direct contact with eyes and skin.
  5. During use, avoid inhaling gas and maintain air circulation in the working environment.
  6. Do not swallow. Hands should be washed thoroughly with water after use.




  1. Accidental inhalation: Move patient to a ventilated area and seek medical advice as soon as possible if discomfort persists.
  2. Skin contact: Wash skin with plenty of water and soap. If you still feel unwell, seek medical advice as soon as possible.
  3. Eye Contact: Rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice as soon as possible if discomfort persists.
  4. If swallowed accidentally, do not force vomiting. If you still feel unwell, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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