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Product Description

Use it once and the machine will no longer be weak!
House air conditioners are undoubtedly a necessity in summer. After winter and spring, if the air conditioner has not been running for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of dirt and even contain bacteria. Therefore, before entering summer, you need to thoroughly clean the air conditioner unit to prepare for your summer days. Make the best preparations and let the air conditioner provide you with the freshest and coolest service.

🇯🇵Japanese formula
acc+ frozen air conditioner foaming agent , based on Japan's easy cleaning concept, sprays mousse foam onto the air conditioner main unit🚽, and the foam will automatically clean the inside of the main unit, effectively decontaminating and sterilizing. Remove the filter and clean it with foam, wait 1 to 2 minutes, rinse with clean water and dry it. After installing the air conditioner, wait 15 minutes and then run it for 15 to 30 minutes to complete the cleaning. Use one for each air conditioner, the foaming effect is convenient and practical, just spray it and it's done! It also comes with lemon scent, making your home fresher every time you turn on the air conditioner!

The main functions are

  1. Rapidly spread and penetrate
  2. Quickly dissolves dirt
  3. Deep cleaning inside the console
  4. Remove air conditioning odor
  5. Does not harm the host


  1. 500ml net content

Active ingredients

  1. Nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (4-N-NP2E0), sodium lauryl sulfate, alkaline penetrant, diethylene glycol butyl ether, fragrance, water


  1. Turn off the power, open the front cover of the air conditioner, remove the filter, and expose the heat sink.
  2. Break off the safety buckle of the cold air blasting agent nozzle, shake it a few times, and spray it about 5cm away from the heat sink to penetrate into the inner layer. Spray clean the entire heat sink in order from top to bottom.
  3. Filter cleaning: Spray the filter evenly with air-conditioning foaming agent, wait 1 to 2 minutes, rinse with clean water, and let dry.
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes, install the clean filter, and then run the air-conditioning refrigeration program for 15 to 30 minutes. The sewage will be automatically discharged from the drain pipe.

Scope of application

  • Window type, split type, vertical air conditioner


  1. Do not spray on circuit boards and power plugs to avoid short circuits. If the air conditioner has an LCD screen, please cover the LCD screen before spraying.
  2. When using, please protect the furniture under the air conditioner. Protect the furniture around the air-
  3. The air conditioner cannot be used within 15 minutes after use
  4. Do not use upside down
  5. It is prohibited to spray on the human body and keep it out of the reach of children.
  6. Do not use or store flammable products near fire sources, and do not puncture or throw bottles into fire.
  7. Do not hit or refill empty cans.
  8. Please store in a cool, dry place below 50°C and away from sunlight.
  9. Do not use for dishwashing.
  10. Do not swallow or touch eyes. If eyes are touched, flush with water for 15-20 minutes. If swallowed or inhaled, please drink plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.




Be careful about fire and heat
Since it is a flammable product that uses high-pressure gas, it is dangerous. Please observe the following precautions.
①Do not use near open flame or fire source
②Do not use it in large quantities indoors where there is fire.
③ Please do not expose it to direct sunlight as there is a risk of explosion due to high temperature.
Do not place it in places where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, such as on porches and heaters. High-pressure gas: Liquefied petroleum gas

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