Business Cooperation
Business Collaboration
We welcome all kinds of cooperation, please email to
We are open to any form of collaboration, please email us at

Own a mask of your own design
Bespoke face mask

Hotels, restaurants, businesses or well-known brands
Hotel, Restaurant, Enterprise and Renowned brands

Adding a high-quality mask to your own brand design will make customers feel attentive and increase their sense of brand belonging. There are a variety of techniques to add branding or graphics, including die-casting, color printing for your creativity

A bespoke high quality face mask shows your care to customer and increase brand loyalty. We have a number of technique such as embossing logo and color printing to show off your design.

Join the dealer

Whether local or overseas, we welcome you to join us as our distributors and create profits together
Whether you are from local or overseas, we welcome joining our dealership program to create profit together!

export to the world
Worldwide Export

Our products have passed FDA and CE certification and can be exported to the world

Our products are FDA and CE ready for worldwide export

Display the used disinfectant that can kill the new crown virus in front of the store
Displaying “We used disinfectant effective against COVID-19” in your shop

Restaurants, stores, and clinics will definitely increase customer confidence and allow them to consume at ease
Showing label to attract and comfort customers, especially effective for restaurants, clinics and retail shops.


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