Booster V-necz shoulder and neck massager

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After daily heavy work or training, Long-term damage to the trapezius muscle , It leads to bad postures such as shrugging and hunchback caused by tense and stiff trapezius muscles. A thick trapezius muscle will not only cause shoulder and neck pain, but also affect the appearance of the shoulder. Booster makes it easier for you to massage the shoulder and neck muscles, relax the trapezius muscle, and exercise the sultry right-angle shoulders in a scientific way. With heat penetrating into the skin, the tense muscles can be relaxed slowly. For users who are tired and afraid of cold, hot compress massage is particularly comfortable and relaxing. Then use low-frequency TENS pulse technology to block the transmission of pain signals, and EMS technology combined with specific frequency conversion to make muscles contract and relax, deeply exercise muscles, and awaken vitality.

  • The lightweight design fits snugly around your shoulders and neck so you can relax anytime.
  • 4 kinds of simulated reality massage techniques , comfort and relieve shoulder and neck fatigue .
  • 10 levels massage frequency conversion mode , from gentle to strong, as you choose.
  • 2 control modes, including remote control, buttons .
  • TENS+EMS double pulse technology , deeply relieve trapezius muscle fatigue .
  • The use of frosted materials makes the hand feel higher and more noble.

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