acc+ DEEPBLUE A/B Influenza Novel Coronavirus 2-in-1 Antigen Rapid Test Stick Self-Quick Test Passed CE Certification

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Product Description

acc+ DEEPBLUE A/B Influenza Novel Coronavirus 2-in-1 Antigen Rapid Test Stick has passed comprehensive verification.
Stupidly confused 🤔 Is ​​it COVID or the flu? You are about to use the latest 2-in-1 antigen rapid test stick✅! Instantly distinguish the virus, help you quickly diagnose the disease, prescribe the right medicine, and reduce community and group micro-outbreaks🔥Nasal and oral sampling can collect samples😍.


  • Both nasal cavity and deep throat samples can be collected and tested
  • It can detect 2 kinds of viruses at the same time, A/B influenza and new coronavirus, to help you quickly diagnose and prescribe the right medicine
  • Can detect 99.9% of known new coronavirus strains, including Omicron, BA2.75.2 and other variant viruses
  • Certified by TUV
  • Passed CE certification
  • Passed ISO9001 certification
  • Passed the German national product certification


    1. Twenty-five pain-free nasal sticks
    2. Twenty-five antigen extraction tubes
    3. twenty five testers
    4. Twenty five bags
    5. a manual
    6. a box
    7. a paper tray


    1. For sample collection, put the nasal wand into the nasal cavity and turn it clockwise and counterclockwise. It can also be placed in the mouth to collect samples.
    2. Prepare the sample, as shown in the figure, put the sample collection stick into the antigen extraction tube, turn it slightly, and then cap the extraction tube.
    3. To perform the test, invert the extraction tube vertically and add two drops of the test sample solution to the sample well. Start the timer, wait 15 minutes
    4. Check the results, the test results will appear after 15 minutes, as shown in the picture, the results will no longer be valid after 30 minutes.


    1. single use only


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