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Product Description

As a super three-dimensional tailoring, pm2.5 is suitable for any face shape. Its super breathability makes users unable to extricate themselves after trying it. Wearing this mask allows you to breathe fresh and fresh air in any environment.

  1. accmask includes raw materials and is made in Taiwan throughout the entire process. Made in Taiwan, the quality is reassuring and reliable.
  2. Disposable anti-smog mask made in Taiwan
  3. Effectively blocks PM2.5 particles
  4. This mask can block 99% of 75nm particles
  5. Passed test method: CNS 15980 "Method A: Sub-micron filtration efficiency"
  6. 30 tablets per box, not individually packaged.
  7. Designed to fit the face shape of Hong Kong people, the nose bridge line can be adjusted according to individual face shape.
  8. Good breathability function, suitable for long-term wearing.
  9. Manufactured by Taiwan GMP factory.
  10. SGS certified factory specializes in manufacturing
  11. The whole process is made in Taiwan with good quality and peace of mind.
  12. Comply with Taiwan standard CNS15980 anti-haze (PM2.5) mask with C-level protective effect
  13. Dustproof, blocking mouth foam and pollen
  14. The skin-friendly material has good breathability and can absorb breathed moisture, making it comfortable to wear for a long time.
  15. The mask has a shelf life of 5 years, and the manufacturing date will vary from batch to batch. Please refer to the label on the product packaging bag for details.
  16. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.


  1. Suitable for adults, L size is 13cm*12.5cm, M size is 12.5cm*12cm.

Four-layer design:

  1. The first layer: water-splashing layer, anti-splashing and preventing the penetration of mouth spray mist
  2. Second layer: large particle size filter layer, coarsely screening dust in the air
  3. The third layer: electrostatic filter layer, effectively blocking 0.003mm non-oily particles up to 99% or more
  4. The fourth layer: PP+PE composite fiber, skin-friendly material with good breathability, can absorb exhaled moisture, making it comfortable and dry for long-term use


  1. This product is a disposable disposable mask. It is recommended not to reuse it. If your breath smells bad, is dirty, or is damaged after long-term use, please replace it immediately.
  2. This product has no anti-virus effect. Do not use it in an environment with toxic gases and vapors. If necessary, please wear a special gas mask.
  3. Due to hygiene considerations, this product cannot be returned or exchanged after shipment.
  4. The position of the nose line is not perfectly centered and does not affect the wearing effect.
  5. Different batches of fabrics may have color differences.
  6. There will be different batches of boxes, which will not affect the color of the mask itself.

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